Tuesday, 27 September 2011


So me bewteys!!!  had a little stroll down to booys yesterday morning to find a very funny sight!!

i met welshy at trovene to look at the surf and he mentioned the truck stuck down the beach.....so we went to have a gander!  

this is a little bit about what happened.

An investigation has been launched after a lifeguard vehicle got stuck in sand and partly submerged by the sea on a Cornish beach.

The patrol vehicle was unable to move after they tried to drive through the surf at Booby's Bay, near Padstow, on Sunday.

The RNLI said the tide came in too quickly for it to be towed out. The vehicle, which is now a write-off, was recovered on Monday.

A full investigation would take place, the charity added.

RNLI Lifeguard Inspector Steve Instance said: "This is an isolated incident which highlights the power of the sea.

"Thankfully on this occasion no-one was hurt. However, there will be a full investigation into the incident and any lessons to be learnt will be incorporated into the 4x4 training the lifeguards receive." (From bbc)

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