photo by adriansteelphotoraphy.com

It all started when i was about 12/13. living at Constantine bay all my life and having 7 beaches within about 5 miles, its pretty hard to avoid the sea.  Until I met my best mate; Toby Donachie, I never really thought I would be a surfer let alone a shaper.  A few of my friend who are older than me surfed but I wasn't too bothered at the time.  Anyway when I met Toby it all changed and i began surfing!.  before i knew it i had ordered a board made by Fluidjuice and from then onward, with someone to go surfing with (Toby) I spent all my spare time in the sea. after about 5 years of constant surfing and holidays away with Toby and his dad Adrian phillips (Fluidjuice surfboards) I got to the point where I wanted to not just ride surfboards, but make them.

Knowing Adrian Phillips was the opportunity I needed to get into the industry of making surfboards and i was lucky enought to be offered a job at Fluidjuice Surfboards.  It wasn't long until I had spent many a hard hour learning all the skills from sanding/finishing the boards to glassing them.
Soon after I had the next board I wanted in my head, so I got myself a blank and under the watchful eye of Adrian I shaped my first board... (Which I still ride today.)

From that point onwards I have come up with endless board designs and have tested the ones I've made... (one of which is pictured above) 

I basically want to give people the opportunity to ride some of my creations, have the stoke of riding boards like i do, and have a quality made surfboard that is shaped for them by someone who understands how the boards works, and in all of this help people take there surfing to the next level and have fun wile doing it

In the Future i would like to be able to gain the experience from shaping boards and grow my business into a well established name in the surfing industry.

Anyway thats a little something about me  

Hope you enjoy my blog