Friday, 25 November 2011

the 9'1 beast

heres a little...well long board i did for Ryan Smith at treviglas surf academy in Newquay.  freshly shaped this morning this longboard is more of an alrounder with its cut off style tail....i took the design from Ryan's previous longboard and slightly tweaked the design on the shaping program to allow ryan to nose ride the board with ease. the board is now in line to be glassed next week with the arrivals of the inlayz. 

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

fiber flex surfboards

just to let you all know, i have spoken to the guys at hyden shapes who do the fiber flex surfboards,

with orders of five boards more then i can send the board files over and have them made with the fiber flex technology!!

if anyone is interested then let me know.......just drop me an email

cheers and gone


well, theres been a few weeks of good surf which unfortunately ive been missing!! basically im wounded and haven't been able to do much.  due to a bad shoulder injury acquired last year its flared up a beauty and left it bit of a shitty position!  so i got a few orders to do but am quite restricted due to the problem. anyway i have been going to physio every week for about 3 weeks no so should be on the mend soon

NT x