Tuesday, 14 June 2011

the latest and greatest

This is the latest board ive done and probably my favourite.  based on joe's previous board, i adjusted it for a bit more all round performance.

this stubby version of a performance thruster has all the aspects of a hight performance thruster with a few tweaked aspects which give it that edge in smaller slacker waves
hopefully will be making a few more of these.   

Joe cooksey with his spanking new 5'7

joe came in to do his own art on this one

The updated model

After Micahs bit of testing of the original ML1, this is what we came up with, 
a slightly increased curve through the last 6 inches with slightly adjusted bottom contours...and here it is
the updated version of the ML1

a few more recent ones

So yet again after a few slack weeks with no posts, and a few boards going through the system i thought id better put up some pics 

so sorry for the slackness but here they are......more posts to follow 

joe small with his new 6' 0